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Michael Ruge

Records Storage and Self-Storage

About Michael Ruge

Michael Ruge, based out of Vancouver Island, Canada, is one of the world’s foremost experts in self-storage and records storage, as well as a bonafide jack of all trades. Over the past three decades, Michael has successfully founded and sold several companies, written multiple books, acted as a consultant and marketing advisor to numerous companies, and assisted dozens of CEOs in finding solutions to problems no one else knew how to fix. 

Above all, Michael is a deal maker who does what it takes to get the job done. He prefers to refer to himself as an “intrapreneur” rather than an entrepreneur, as he shares the knowledge and experience he has amassed with other founders and company owners across a variety of industries. Michael’s expertise as a consultant has resulted in multiplying the third bottom line, otherwise known as people, planet, and profits. 

Michael Ruge began his career in 1978, leading a speed trading securities firm. Always one to find a need and fill it, his efforts at the firm led to an increase from 3 to 44 traders. Later, Michael set out to start his own businesses and has never looked back. He founded All Ways Solutions, a consulting company that provides unique and creative strategic problem solving for business in any industry, in 1983. While his company offers solutions for a myriad of problems, most of his work can fall into two categories: marketing and management. Throughout All Ways Solutions 34-plus years of operation, Michael has:

  • Provided strategic guidance needed to list numerous companies publicly;
  • Organized highly successful international trade shows achieving 500% spikes;
  • Developed internet brand marketing strategies for hotels and resorts achieving page 1 status on Google, Yahoo and other search engines;
  • Grew client bases to 500,000 members in 4 years without advertising;
  • Set up microcredit banks in Africa and Central America;
  • Helped to organize 94,000 volunteers that immunized 86 million children in India within two weeks;
  • Established one of the first bottled water companies in Ontario, Canada and took it public;
  • Turned around a distressed resort in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to founding and running All Ways Solutions, Michael Ruge is also the Founder and President of Eco Self Storage. Established in 2009, Eco Self Storage puts to use Michael’s expertise and experience with records storage and self-storage by providing consulting services to companies and individuals looking to convert existing buildings or land into cash-generating, automated storage facilities.

Throughout the last three decades, Michael has cultivated a skill set and expertise that few others can claim to have. His varied experience in numerous industries, combined with his hobbies and a deep-rooted passion for philanthropy and volunteer work, have resulted in a nuanced and unique way of looking at the world—and therefore, an uncanny ability to see the big picture. Where others can merely claim they are a jack of all trades, Micheal Ruge can say he is with complete confidence. 

For more information on Michael and his insight into the records storage and self-storage industry, be sure to check out his blog.