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Self-storage is extremely useful for placing your things when you move, storing business materials, or helping to free-up space in your home. Obtaining a self-storage unit is a simple process, but maintaining it can take a bit of work. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you decide to start using a self-storage unit. 

First, do not under-estimate how much storage space you will need. Usually, first-time renters find it difficult to know what size they will need for storage, as not everyone is quite sure what all they will put in it. Many self-storage companies have websites that feature size guides to help you better understand which storage unit is suitable for you. Along with this, do not forget to plan well, so you do not create a chaotic situation for yourself. Sloppily filling the storage space with unlabeled boxes and random items will crowd your area and decrease the available storage. Also, do not skimp on your storage protection or insurance plan. Storage facility owners are not liable for any losses or damages to your personal property, so by having a protection plan, you can feel more comfortable about your belongings’ safety should anything happen.

One of the most important aspects of storing is good packing materials. Do not use unfit packing materials like low-quality boxes that can break down over time and newspaper that can bleed through to your items. Bubble wrap and towels are helpful packing materials for fragile items. Along with this, do not pack up items that are damp. This can lead to mold that can damage your belongings and spread throughout the unit. Some storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, but try to dry off your items before placing them to sit in any space. 

Don’t forget to keep a record of what items you store. You do not want to be flustered when you’re searching for things later and forget where you put them. This can lead to you having to unpack the whole unit, which can be very frustrating. Lastly, do not rent a storage unit before adequately researching the facility. Signing a lease without knowing all the details can end up being a nightmare for you that is hard to get out of quickly. You also want to make sure they have good reviews and excellent customer service to give you peace of mind when leaving your items.